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A Wide Variety of Camping Options on Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island National Seashore Campsites

Whether you are looking to spend a night with family and friends around a campfire under the moss-covered branches of the live oak trees, or looking for the rugged challenges and solitude of the wilderness, you will find it on Cumberland Island. The park includes a designated wilderness area, undeveloped beaches, historic sites, cultural ruins, critical habitat, nesting areas, and numerous plant and animal communities.


  • ½ mile from the Sea Camp dock
  • 16 individual sites and 2 group sites
  • Cold water showers
  • Restrooms
  • Treated drinking water
  • Picnic table
  • Fire ring/grill
  • Food cache box


  • 3.5 miles from the Sea Camp dock
  • Cold water showers
  • Restrooms available
  • Fire ring/grill provided (first come, first serve)
  • 16 individual sites and 2 group sites
  • No potable water

Backcountry Camping


  • Located 5.5 miles from Sea Camp, in the heart of the island.
  • Hickory Hill offers a fascinating close encounter with an intriguing interior freshwater wetland and its wildlife.
  • Due to being located in a wetland area, bugs are often prevalent.
  • Non-potable water 1 mile from each location, between Hickory Hill and Yankee Paradise.


  • Located 7.5 miles from Sea Camp, in the center of the island.
  • Yankee Paradise is a half day’s walk to and from the Plum Orchard Mansion.
  • Non-potable water 1 mile from each location, between Hickory Hill and Yankee Paradise.


  • 10.5 miles from Sea Camp
  • Brickhill Bluff campground is located on the Brickhill River.
  • A favorite place for seeing dolphins and manatees.
  • Non-potable water.

Making Camping Reservations

To make reservations for camping on the island, please visit this website and make your reservation online.

Check out the map to the right for campsite information or visit the Cumberland Island National Seashore Camping page.

PLEASE NOTE: All campers at Sea Camp must return on the 10:15 ferry. Wilderness campers must return on 10:15 OR 2:45 ferry when available.

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