About the Cumberland Region

Preserved and protected for future generations, Cumberland Island National Seashore includes a designated Wilderness area, undeveloped beaches, historic sites, cultural ruins, critical habitat and nesting areas, as well as numerous plant and animal communities.

Interpretive and educational programs are available to hear compelling stories of the many people who have shaped and been shaped by Cumberland Island. Take time to plan your visit and enjoy the vast experiences Cumberland Island and the surrounding region has to offer.


Your journey begins in St Marys, Georgia. Here you will board the ferry bound for Cumberland Island National Seashore, visit our Museum and Visitor Center and enjoy learning about the rich history and nature of the area.

St. Marys offers lodging, dining, and attractions within our National Historic District and beyond that will ensure a treasured visit. History, nature, & adventure await you on the Georgia Coast.

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What to bring

Please be aware that there is NOTHING to purchase once you get to the Island. This can make for an unpleasant trip if you do not come prepared. You are allowed to bring coolers and any backs that you can carry. All of your trash is pack in, pack out.

You will need to bring water, food, sunscreen, walking shoes, rain gear, a hat and sunglasses.

The ferry does sell ice, firewood, potato chips and drinks. The sale of these items is limited to only when the ferry is docked at Sea Camp. Please plan accordingly, we want everyone to have a great experience.

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